README / AquaMania Skins, Button sets, 
Icon sets, BBC Tags for SMF by Andrea Hubacher

The Aquamania themes are created and copyrighted by Andrea Hubacher. 

It is forbidden to alter the graphics (for example by recoloring them 
through graphic filters or pixelwise) or use them in a different 
context as the original SMF theme they were made for. It is forbidden 
to redistribute or resell the graphics of the theme or any parts of it 
in any way. The copyright note at the bottom of the theme must stay intact.

The button sets contain empty buttons of every size for the sole purpose 
of creating an additional single extra button. It is forbidden to create full 
new button sets with these blank torsos.

Free usage:

The usage of the themes is free when all above conditions are fullfilled.

Paid usage:

Removal of the copyright undergoes the paid usage. The fee for
removing the copyright is USD 50.-
Usage on profit sites or customization undergoes the paid usage. Please 
contact me privately for the precise conditions.

Removal of the copyright note at the bottom of the theme costs
a fee of USD 50.-.

AquaMania support and download thread is here:

March 1, 2004
A. Hubacher
mailto: [email protected]